Awhafaco: Beautifully Crafted Earrings


Today I bring a product review to you from Awhafaco, a custom hand made earrings company based in the UK. I wanted to share how much I adore these earrings and have worn them on special occasions. These beautifully crafted earrings are made of material from the heart of Africa. As told on their website, four women that hail from Gambia and Senegal. These four women embody the essence of strength, power and wisdom. They are a beautiful blend of the Wolof, Bambara, Fulani, Mandinka and Narr (people of Mauritanian descent) tribes and are the inspiration behind the name and vision of Awhafaco.

All material used is specially selected to reflect the vision of Awhafaco and all pieces of Awhafaco are hand-made and unique. When you select an Awhafaco piece, it is very likely that you are the only one in the world with that Awhafaco piece.

What intrigued me is the way each package is carefully packaged beautifully to deliver your earrings in a personalized way.



Being Nigerian myself of course I had to indulge a little and get not one but two pairs of earrings to represent. Check them out below:



I made sure to include a selfie of me styling and profiling in them.


The retail price for the earrings are between $8-$12. For more information please check out the website of this company at won’t be disappointed!

As always with love,



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