Hello 2017 Goodbye 2016


As for some 2016 was a year that we almost didn’t quite make it out of. For other it was a time to flourish and prosper. Either way 2017 is in front of us and behind us is 2016 There is something about the first 8 days of this year that has me thinking this is going to be a great year, no exceptions!


As a very pregnant woman, I’m currently sitting at my 37 weeks with of 38 week looming ahead. Basically my little boy could dash into the world at anytime between now and the end of the month. To say I’m ready for him to come is truly an understatement! I’m looking forward to sleeping on my back or stomach again and not have to tumble out of bed on the hour every hour for bathroom trips.

I slide off the radar for this blog in 2016 because everything was super hectic and chaotic. Traveling to NYC for work every other week ย should I say most the year, proved to be cumbersome tasks. Don’t know how I did it, but I knew I wanted to make sure I gave my career the best at all times. It was until I hit the 32 week mark, I knew I didn’t want to see another Delta seat not matter what my status was or how many miles I had accumulated.


Anyways as I sit here I realized that 2016 was actually a kick- ass year (excuse my french) because it was all about acceptance for me. I got to a place emotionally where I actually realized I no longer needed anyone because everything I had was in me. Now of course when I say that I don’t mean, I want to be isolated on some island with no baby or husband. It’s ย more deeper than that. I realized I want people and when I say people, I mean certain people in my life but I don’t need anyone.

Has anyone been in a bad relationship or friendship with someone and realized how much you don’t actually need that person? ย You then realize you are literally enabling this person to think they are important. More importantly you’re doing a disservice to yourself by allowing and accepting their bad behavior. All this for the sake of what!!! After getting pregnant in 2016 and entering in 2017 with this little nugget growing inside of me, ย I couldn’t help but realize how much I wasn’t holding on to people anymore. I was simply letting them go and I was comfortable with that.

I realize stepping into the New Year, I can truly do anything I want and this includes allowing certain people in my inner circle! Either way this is going to be a fantastic year. I leave you with some fab pics for 2016! Enjoy!








What an amazing year!!! Cheer to 2017


As always love Angel!

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