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Here’s another dose of out female champions series. I bring to you today, a very special guest. Here name is Sanáa: Jaman aka Lady Dork and she is an expert in the world of Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation. I added those last two words because I truly believe she lives her life to inspire others in those ways through her work. She also has her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering so home girl has definitely got it going on. I wanted to show case her gift and talent on the blog because I truly believe that her interview has a special message for those who need inner peace and happiness. I hope you enjoy

Me: First off thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to interview you, I really appreciate it. I’m such a fan of your work and I totally love how you have this whole yoga movement going on. And now I see you have national tours as well for workshops.

Sanáa: No problem! Thanks for having me. And yeah I do it has been a really amazing journey. So how should we get started.

Me: Well if you could state your name and who you are and kind of how you got started? Maybe even talk about your journey with yoga and how it ended being a tour as well.

Sanáa: Wow that’s a lot (laughs)! Okay let’s seem my name is Saana Jama, I was born in Kuwait and was raised there for 17 years and moved to the US in 2004. I actually started practicing Yoga about 3 years ago. Prior to that I never really had any experience in it and I wanted to learn more because it really intrigued me. At the time, I was getting my Ph. D in Environmental Science and it provided a nice balance while I was in school.

Me: So if you don’t mind me asking how did you come up with the alias or name Lady Dork?

Sanáa: (laughs) I actually first had the name lady bug when I was growing up because of my freckles and then I had kind always been nerdy and dorky and into school so I just combined the names together and that’s how I came up with Lady Dork. It seemed to fit perfectly as a nickname and I stuck with it ever since.

Me: Nice so I guess that brings me to my next question. How did you get into this hobby and and turn it into this major part of your life?

Sanáa: It actually wasn’t a hobby for me, I started off Yoga as a physical challenge because I use to be a sprinter. But after an injury, I needed something that could keep me active. I had always been interested in gymnastics and so when I found Yoga it kind of reminded me of gymnastics with the flexibility and the type of posses and movements. I remember the first year I was doing yoga, I knew I had to be persistent and dedicated to this so I could be natural.

Me: So then how did it get to the tours?

Sanáa: Well the tours they kind of started off as like an accident. One day I was driving from Florida because I needed to take my car to Boston and people kept asking me to stop by and do workshops with them for Yoga. So then I started arranging workshops in near by cities, which became my first tour. Then I had another one because that went well. So now I’m on my third tour.

Me: Wow! That’s cool, so do you drive to all your cities or fly mostly?

Sanáa: It depends if its 5 hours or under I will drive but I arrange most of my cities to be pretty close and if not my manager will arrange for me to fly.

Me: I guess I’m really curious but how did you balance getting a Ph.D and doing Yoga.

Sanáa: I actually get this question a lot and the truth is you find time for things you love. I feel like a lot of people waste time. I’m the type of person who wants to do everything and this could also be seen as bad thing because I end up putting a lot of things on my plate. However, I’ve always believed that there is nothing I can’t do, and to be honest yoga keeps me balanced especially when I was in school because I needed something that would help me relax.


Me: So What has been the most rewarding part of all this for you?

Sanáa: I would definitely say, the tours, just seeing the personal reactions when people are excited to see me and take my workshop. To hear people, say that I’ve helped them and even some of my sessions have been crying sessions for all of us. Its crazy how social media can touch people and inspire them. I’ve been able to use my platform to inspire and motivate other people. In their every day lives. I would say, that just because you are in dark place, doesn’t mean you have to be in that place forever. People sometimes look at me like” Oh look she has everything together”! No not really, I just got to a good place a few years ago. More importantly you have to work for everything you have in life you can’t just have it given to you.

Me: So then I would say how has yoga benefited you?

Sanáa: I would say the emotional aspect of it. It has definitely made me of a patient person. When you practice it shifts the way you think and the way you feel. For me it helped create a balance and helps to control how you react to things. You are able to process things better.

Me: So it became a more thinking about the process mind frame and less reactive mind frame?

Sanáa: Exactly, its like I wasn’t so impulsive anymore. I always say if you can’t control it let it go. What’s the sense in stressing about things that you can’t change? Try to work on things that you can change and let everything else go. As a new person it starts off with the physical practice when it comes to Yoga. I would suggest that because it’s a like we run around a lot as human beings in the world. We don’t spend enough time sitting and listening to our minds. I was thinking that’s a real problem that we have in the world. I remember when I first started the process, I was like why can’t I just sit still for a few minutes, it was really hard. Its like we always want to move and be in the go.

Me: So if I were to start this process, where should I start first because I honestly think this is something I myself need?

Sanáa: I would say start first with your breathing and then your thoughts. Pay attention to see if they are negative or positive. If they are negative channel them to positive thoughts like eating your favorite food, or doing something you enjoy. When you read your thoughts like that it will change your life and how you feel about certain things. I know for me when I started the first month I saw a change in myself in just one month. It’s really important for people to do self therapy because a lot of people walk around broken. I would suggest reading this book its called The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring the Yoga Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele. It’s a really good book and it helps me still because I go back and read part of it from time to time to remind myself of things that I still need to know if I’m going through things.

Me: Nice and well said. So I would say, then Where do you see this going for you in the next few years?

Sanáa: I would eventually like to get my own yoga studio and train others to be Yoga teachers and do something similar. People think you should be doing yoga a certain way, but there is no boxed up way of doing it. People get discouraged when they can’t do like a hand stand, but its not about that. Even I was getting discouraged I was first thinking like “Am I really good enough to teach” but then I was like “I’m worry about the wrong things.” Like my goal is to help the African American community because a lot of people walk around broken. We need healing in our community and I want to help with that process. I remember a few years ago there it seemed black people didn’t really do yoga and now 90% of my workshops are black so its coming into our community. My next tour will be about how to get people to find healing and meditation and steps to find peace in our hearts.


Me: Beautiful and yes I totally agree with that because I feel like we actually do need that and I think its so important? So that brings me to my closing question. What is one thing you tell a young person who is going through something and needs inner peace?

Sanáa: I would say just because you don’t see it now does not mean that its not going to happen. It feels like when things are sometimes not happening right away, people can get really impatient but my advice is just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Just take it day by day!

Me: Well thank you so much for meeting with me today, I absolutely loved this interview because it brought so much depth.

Sanáa: No problem, thank you for having me!

Well people, here it is another beautiful interview. I think its interesting how she basically described me and most of the world in a nutshell, where you are constantly on the move. I can’t tell you how many times my mother has been on my case about this and I feel like sometimes things happen for reason. This interview was given to me because I too need to slow down and sit still sometimes. I too need to relax and not be so impulsive with my actions and thoughts. I too need to meditate and find inner peace. After the interview I did download The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring the Yoga Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele onto my kindle because I have to start somewhere. But to find out more about Miss Saana Aka Lady Dork please follow her on IG @LadyDork and check out her website for more information on her tour. She is awesome and I think you should check out.

As always with love,


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