Setting Personal Goals: 30 before 30

Vision Board

Hey Peeps,

Recently my best friend and I were having a conversation about goal setting and how effective it is to make sure you put things on paper and basically out in the universe. At the beginning of the year I threw a little vision board party with some of my best gal pals and decided that we would conquer the world of cutting things out from a magazine and taking the pictures and words. The example above was the one I made with my husband. Its kind of hard to host and make a board nonetheless the following weekend I was able to complete it.

Anyways the more I thought about it there more I was thinking this year marks my 28th year on this earth. As I was reflecting on somethings, I was looking through my journal and I remember almost three years ago creating a list of things do before age 30. I of course didn’t have this blog up and running at the time. However seeing that I definitely have it now and I wanted to share of amazing things that I felt were really important at the time to me. The miracle of all this was actually having things that I had put down at the time  happen so far. So let me begin…

  1. Believe in myself always
  2. Make a beautiful bride
  3. Make a blog that rocks and turn it into a business.
  4. Be surrounded by good people. (This can be hard to find as many people say there down until something goes bump in the night).
  5. Pray out of gratitude rather than need.
  6. Be more confident and humble.
  7. Buy a new car
  8. Have my first child and raise them in a loving home.
  9. Get another tattoo
  10. Take a honey moon to Jamaica
  11. Continue to give to the community
  12. Have at least $25,000 in my savings account
  13. Go to London again
  14. Have a good relationship with God and build my faith.
  15. Build a business network and make great contacts
  16. Travel to Toronto
  17. Take a ladies trip
  18. Go on a cruise
  19. Find a church home and join the choir
  20. Be an advocate for young people in education
  21. Pray for my enemies
  22. Be grateful for what I do have and know that it’s enough.
  23. Stop letting people determine my mood
  24. Stay in a bed and breakfast
  25. Get into graphic design and freelance
  26. Have a job that travels
  27. Get super fit with a personal trainer.
  28. Look at the positive and the cup half full.
  29. Take GRE and get into grad school
  30. Own real estate

Anyways I loved creating this vision board and creating the list because I know they are simultaneously working their magic to make my future.

As always with love Angel

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